To configure TalkClok is easy and fast.

Let’s go together step by step.



TalkClok needs permissions – location-based, data-driven permissions for apps, Google Accounts, and so on. do not worry, all the informations you provide stay and will always stay on your device.

Does the app need to run (to wake me up)?

NO! (Yes). Unlike most alarm clock apps, TalkClok does NOT need to be active, open, or even running in the background. Even if your device is locked, TalkClok will wake you up.

For a perfect work, TalkClok need to be set up once.

NEEDED Settings on Device & Watch

  1. Authorize TalkClok to send Notifications
  2. Set the Notification Banner style to “persistent”
  3. Watch: Disable iPhone Notification mirroring

Wakeup sounds

TalkClok always starts with one of the included wakeup sounds – as TalkClok doesn’t need to be active to wake you – they need to be included in the app. That’s why we gave you a lot of hiqh quality sounds, and even more with the in-app purchase. You can preview them with a tap.

Voice Settings

Your device includes a lot of different voices to choose from. Read much more on this in the help section of Voice Settings here.
Important! Your device supports the download of advanced (high quality) voices. Do that ;)!

“First things first”

In your settings menu you can add your custom good morning greeting, a motivational phrase or quote. This will be read BEFORE everything else starts.
Our team entered stuff like “Wakeup honey, you look marvelous!” or “One day or day one, you decide”. Up to you.

Color scheme

Change the look of the app, for which of you black and white is the new colorfulness – we have both versions.

Get full version

We have a great set of new ideas, improvements, enhancements & upgrades waiting to be implemented. But, to be honest with you, we need support for that. Buy the in-app purchase, it’s not a lot for daily waking up the cool way and it helps us to not abandon TalkClok. Thank you!

Restore previous purchase

What it says, if you re-install, hit it and load your previous in-app purchase.

Google sign in/out

What it says. Within the TalkClok modules you will be asked to sign in if needed, but you also can do it right here in the menu.

All Guides.

You’ll find all corresponding guides within each module of TalkClok. If you want to read through, find the whole liste below:

» Basics
» Voices
» Alarm Settings
» Weather
» Traffic
» Tasks
» Calendar
» Music
» Stock Options
» News

In-App Purchase only
» Custom Feeds!

All Guides also on YouTube

» TalkClok @ YouTube

Tell a friend & Rate app

We have a great set of new ideas, improvements, enhancements & upgrades waiting to be implemented. But, to be honest with you, we need support for that. Tell your friends, give us great ratings, be honest whatevere. Your support means us working on the app. Easy as that. Do it, please! 

We created the best talking Alarm Clock App imaginable

TalkClok is totally changing the way you wake up and start your day. Your weather, your traffic, your calendar, your tweets – and so much more. No reading required.  Just relax and listen.


TalkClok is available. No more waiting.
Best things in live are given.