This customizable Alarm Clock App is totally changing the way you wake up and start your day.
talks to you: your weather, your traffic, your calendar, your tweets – and so much more.
Just relax and listen.

To configure TalkClok – the talking alarm clock app – is easy and fast.

Let’s go together step by step.

Reminders & Google tasks settings.

Reminders (from your Device)

If you’re using Apple’s reminders app, your lists will be shown here, to be switched on/off.
TalkClok will read all active items.

Tasks (Google based)

If you’re using Google’s Tasks you will need to sign in – if not allready done, easily accomplished within the GOOGLE Tab.
Your lists will be shown, to be switched on/off.
TalkClok will read all active items.

Don’t forget to SAVE by tapping OK.

Video not working?

Watch it on YouTube: TalkClok – Reminders & Google tasks settings >>

Tell a friend & Rate app

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We created the best talking Alarm Clock App imaginable


TalkClok is available. No more waiting.
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